Analytic Engineering

Our Analytic Software Engineers build innovative big data solutions making the most salient characteristics of modern communications systems come alive! We design and develop intuitive visualizations for immense volumes of data, providing intelligence analysts with meaningful and actionable information.


Application and infrastructure development today requires the ingenuity to design and build an agile and secure application infrastructure. Our Analytic Software Engineers do just that in the most demanding client environments, those in which a microscopic error could have disastrous consequences for national security. We build solutions which allow for the customization of real-time intelligence reporting. Our goal is to improve user efficiency and performance through effective integration of the most modern big data technologies.

The software analytic tools we build enable efficient processing of immense volumes of data, providing our clients with vital information they need to make national security decisions. Our Analytic Software Engineers are building graphical, real-time, visual depictions of complex system data flow, which allow for critical data association and fast system performance.

For our clients in the defense and Intelligence Community, managing their mission effectively has never been more important. Our Analytic Software Engineers build solutions which provide intelligence analysts with decision making and collaboration tools. These complex software solutions ensure mission plans, sensor data, inputs/outputs, and potential intrusions are fused into a highly intuitive visualization of all monitored elements.