Analytic Engineering

Can you imagine managing hundreds of thousands of computer resources simultaneously? Our clients do every single day. How? At PROTEUS, we provide innovative analytic solutions to make the most salient characteristics of modern communications systems come alive! We develop intuitive visualizations for extremely large volumes of data, allowing our clients to perform their jobs efficiently.


Application & infrastructure development today requires the ingenuity to design and build an agile yet robust and secure application infrastructure. PROTEUS has done just that in the most demanding client environments, those in which a microscopic error could have disastrous consequences on national security. PROTEUS’ solutions in application & infrastructure development improve user efficiency, performance and ease in customization of real-time intelligence reporting through effective integration of the right technologies. Our solutions successfully strike the balance between engineering expertise, technologies and industry best practices (e.g. CMMI, Agile) to deliver applications that are secure, scalable and streamline application workflows.

PROTEUS’ analytic tools enable efficient processing of extremely large volumes of data, allowing our clients to perform their jobs effectively. Yet, data is not useful if it cannot be gathered, stored, retrieved, sorted, viewed, and analyzed for meaning. Our clients require analytic tools to visualize data within their networks, applications and databases. Without an intuitive and easy to use display capability – accessing and analyzing data just doesn’t happen. PROTEUS provides solutions to aid in data analysis and customized granularity in your visualization capability. With a graphical, real-time visual depiction of your complex system data flow, you know at any moment critical data association, system performance and throughput - enabling you to make decisions faster than you thought possible. So whether you need a health and status monitoring solution for your complex enterprise, or need to visualize large volumes of data or complex data sets, PROTEUS’ analytic tools are the answer.

For our clients in the defense and intelligence community, managing their mission effectively has never been more important, and yet they are faced with the daunting prospect of pulling together vast amounts of disparate data to make critical decisions in real time. In other words, if an analyst does not have access to a real time “view” of all of the functions comprising mission (assets, plans, incoming and outgoing data, etc.), it is nearly impossible to be effective. What is needed is a ‘funnel’ by which all mission plans, sensor data, inputs/outputs, and potential intrusions are fused into a highly intuitive and easily deciphered visualization of all monitored elements – where “make or break” decisions can be made instantaneously. PROTEUS’ solutions provide intelligence analysts with the decision making and collaboration tools required to ensure they can effectively and reliably act on intelligence data.

Today’s global computing environment demands a multi-disciplinary approach. There is an ever increasing need for resources who understand natural language and how to program the computer to understand it as well. PROTEUS provides expertise in the form of language technologists, computational linguists and engineers versed in artificial intelligence. PROTEUS is developing human language technology (HLT) solutions to include language and character set identification techniques, machine assisted translation (MAT) systems, multilingual information retrieval systems, multilingual information extraction systems, multilingual summarization systems, morphological and phonological analyzers, and online foreign dictionary applications. Key PROTEUS staff are official members of the Internationalization Organization for Standardization (ISO) Technical Subcommittees and are authors of internationalization standards for creating and managing natural language (NLP) resources. Using these technologies, PROTEUS delivers both content and voice analytic solutions for aiding the human translator in dealing with massive volumes of foreign language material.