Applied Research

Here at PROTEUS, we know in the world of IT, milliseconds can make the difference between an opportunity captured or lost, and we are delving into research projects to develop solutions for our clients to ensure a perfect capture. Through smart investment of applied research funding, PROTEUS is prototyping and delivering adaptable, scalable, and robust applications.

Think classical problems don't need innovative solutions?
Think again. Predict. Analyze. Apply.

In the fast moving world of information technology, if you are reacting to network or system events that have already happened, you may already be too late. What if you could proactively change your environment before these events occurred and prevent them from happening in the first place? PROTEUS has continued research and development into cutting edge Behavioral Modeling techniques to trend system health and status monitoring data and predict system level stability and anomalous events before they occur. By leveraging historical data and real time streaming event processing we can analyze, predict, and act on situations before they become problems.

Knowledge unshared means opportunities missed; it can also mean efforts duplicated, or problems left untouched because they’re considered out of reach by the personnel at hand. Put a few minds on a challenge, however, and new approaches appear, or the person with the perfect piece to solve the puzzle steps forward. But what if the right set of people don’t share the same office? Or work in different timezones? Or aren’t even aware that those other people exist or that the problem’s already been solved in another office? PROTEUS is helping its clients’ enable cross-organizational conversations and solution development through use of collaborative networking systems. These Web2.0 systems allow your staff to discover other individuals who share similar objectives, have complementary skill sets, or have already done the thing you intend to accomplish. Dynamic groups form around similar interests; staff “track” those who they see as having something interesting to contribute to the problem at hand; solutions emerge from the interplay of ideas. PROTEUS’s collaborative networking solutions harness technology to make use of an even more powerful force: the expertise and problem-solving abilities of our clients’ staff.

As Information technology (IT) capabilities have skyrocketed, so has the rate of data flow and event throughput. New hardware and software “carrier” mechanisms emerge and existing ones transform. As a result, successful companies must express the “transformational” genes in their corporate DNA to passionately embrace and discover new “disruptive” technologies and advanced computing trends to manage this increasingly large and complex data set. PROTEUS prototypes and develops adaptable, scalable, and robust event correlation systems, solving classical client challenges such as high volume data ingest and routing, and high speed filtering and selection. We provide intelligent processing components and frameworks, facilitating reusability, extensibility, and open architectures; thereby transforming extremely large volumes of collected data into actionable intelligence.