Core Values

Since its inception, PROTEUS' core values have been a reflection of what is truly important to us as a company. These are not values that change from time to time, in different situations, or for different people, but rather they are the character of our company. These core values are the spirit of PROTEUS, and they guide us in our interactions with each other and our clients.



We strive to be each client’s Preferred Partner by understanding their mission, their objectives, their problems and their needs. We work as a team to ensure we exceed expectations and deliver results that have immediate impact and long term significance.


We believe in a corporate foundation that supports success, both today and for the future. Our business operations are based on actions that foster trust, compliance, and integrity. We are energized by profitability yet are realistic and fiscally conservative with an eye on longevity. We are founded and built upon organic controlled growth that drives stability.


We greatly respect and value the talent of our employees and work diligently to maintain a workforce focused on innovation. From rigorous interviewing processes through challenging work assignments, advancement opportunities and knowledge sharing, our employees are motivated to become better engineers and better people every day.


We respect the human drive to help others and to be involved in something that makes lives better in a very tangible way. We are active in the community - supportive and generous, encouraging each employee to give of themselves in ways that are meaningful to them and in ways where we as a company work as a team to make a difference. We sponsor, we walk, we run, we ride, we give.


We recognize that as individuals we can do great things but as a team, the possibilities are endless. Teamwork is paramount to our work with our clients and partners to produce enduring results that transform the future of technology. And teamwork is essential to our efforts to succeed as a company. On a more personal side, it means we take the time to have fun together and build relationships beyond our business interactions.


Our employees are our most valued resource. We create options for employees to pursue their dreams with the educational and professional support they require. From peer networking, mentoring, special interest groups, support for educational pursuits to traditional professional development and training programs, we reinvest heavily into our employees and their future.