PROTEUS' Healthcare Technology Division specializes in cyber security, infrastructure & integration, application development and cloud technologies. We have successfully deployed solutions using a wide range of technologies supporting mission critical needs.

Software and Systems Engineering

Agile development of advanced software and system technology that safeguards and protects sensitive and personal information while maintaining the integrity of critical data.

Cyber Security and Infrastructure

Using sophisticated algorithms and techniques honed in the Intelligence Community, and enhanced for other federal agencies - these services are designed to assist with compliance with legal mandates and protect our clients from exposure to cyber intrusions.


Data breaches are on the rise – Commercial and Federal Agencies are at RISK across the US to external attack via wireless and mobile exploits used by cyber criminals looking to steal valuable and sensitive information. Mobility Services provides Security and Facility certification/ accreditation, Vulnerability Analysis, Protection of mobile device, Network Impact Analysis, and Mobile Malware Forensics.

Big Data Analytics and Visualization

These services are designed to work with structured and unstructured data sets whose volume, speed and complexity are beyond the complexity for typical tools to capture, store, manage and analyze. We provide cloud based solutions that allow for Real Time analytics and Information Extraction across the enterprise.