Federal Executive

As a recognized and acclaimed provider of network operations security software, PROTEUS supports the Department of Homeland Security/Transportation Security Administration (DHS/TSA) in independent assessment and performance evaluation of Sourcefire based security intrusion detection systems. PROTEUS' engineering support encompasses these areas:

  • Cyber engineering
  • Network security application and systems analysis
  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) evaluation and analysis
  • Architecture and systems engineering and design


Healthcare is one of the more important challenges facing our nation today. Most discussions related to improving healthcare, whether it is reducing costs, improving the delivery of services or protecting the privacy of information, usually has technology as a primary component. Technology alone will not solve the problem, but when used appropriately can contribute to the transformation of healthcare. PROTEUS has proven it can successfully implement solutions that can support this transformation process.

The PROTEUS Healthcare Technology division specializes in cyber security, infrastructure & integration, application development and cloud technologies. We have successfully deployed solutions using a wide range of technologies supporting mission critical needs.

Contract Vehicles

PROTEUS utilizes the following contract vehicles for HHS Support:

Prime Contract



  • CIO-SP3 Large business
  • CIO-SP3 Small business
  • ePCM

Project ePCM

Client: CMS   PRIME Contractor: CAS Severn

  • Challenge: Medical claims audits were being passed to different locations on physical CDs and a cumbersome medical filing system.
  • Solution: An imaged medical records system and a way to electronically audit claims.
  • Client Benefit: A decrease in the time it takes to audit claims and respond to beneficiaries inquires.

Project Description:The ePCM project streamlines the medical filing system for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) and enhances their system of managing patient information. The medical files were being managed on a file system which was mostly paper, cumbersome to manage, and labor intensive. CAS Severn provides an automated imaged medical records system and Business Process Management (BPM) functionality to assist with the audit of claims. The project leverages IBM’s content management applications to provide the central repository of imaged medical documents and BPM functions. The system has significantly decreased response time to CMS beneficiaries.

Application Development

PROTEUS’ application development solutions offer expertise in all phases of the modern software development process. The company performs initial systems analysis, system design, development, testing and on-going support. PROTEUS’ software development processes strike a balance between engineering expertise, technologies and industry best practices (e.g. CMMI, Agile) to deliver solutions that are secure, scalable and streamline workflows and decision support requirements across the healthcare enterprise.

Specifically, PROTEUS is providing application development services in design and development of a cost-saving automated bidding tool for Durable Medical Equipment, Prosthetics, Orthotics and Supplies (DBidS) at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). In addition, PROTEUS provides technical support and mentoring services to CMS. PROTEUS supports in-house information technology specialists in developing and enhancing business applications to automate processes and thereby improve efficiency.

Infrastructure & Integration

One of the core challenges in healthcare technology is to provide healthcare constituencies the data necessary to make informed and timely decisions. At PROTEUS we understand the need to integrate services to support the Healthcare Analytics mission. Our solutions include services for infrastructure design and development, application integration, system security and optimization. PROTEUS’ offerings ensure our clients achieve the level of information awareness and enterprise wide data integration required to make strategic decisions through intuitive data representation, development of adaptable, scalable & efficient applications and high performing progressive implementation.

Cyber Security Solutions

PROTEUS has extensive knowledge and understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) security and privacy rules and the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA). Our security and privacy experts help our customers comply with legal mandates and help assure that our technology solutions will effectively protect the confidentiality of sensitive personal health information and the integrity of critical healthcare data. In addition we secure our customers computer networks from industrial espionage, insider threats and other forms of malicious conduct. Our solutions include reducing exposure to cyber intrusions, responding to and containing cyber intrusions and restoring stolen or damaged data.

The ultimate goal of any system designed to support Command, Control, Computers and Communications Intelligence (C4I) operations is to get critical intelligence 'nuggets' in the hands of the decision makers to support the warfighter in the form of actionable knowledge. PROTEUS has been developing systems to improve and advance Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission critical systems since its inception in 1999. Our solutions are putting intelligence data in the hands of the analysts and defense leaders who need it in mission management, net-centric operations, information assurance and cyber warfare. PROTEUS' experience and leadership in supporting C2ISR missions encompasses strategic defense systems, built with the extensibility and scalability to support emergent needs.

We are leading development efforts in computer network defense and exploitation, ensuring that the right situational awareness tools are in place in both headquarters and field operations for real-time decision making against today's modern threats to national security. We leverage our experience in smart and agile insertion of the right open source and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and tools to provide "plug and play" capabilities for disparate systems; thereby reducing development costs.

Our clients count on us to provide solutions that illuminate threats across the entire C4I spectrum; we are developing robust systems to meet today's challenges and flexible enough to successfully address emerging and future requirements. In fact, within one client's "operations center", we're integrating mission management and analysis tools using the latest technologies and interoperable designs to ensure 'right data, right time' for those responsible for making national defense decisions.

PROTEUS' solutions leveraged in larger scale C2ISR applications include:

  • Agile & Scalable Enterprise Software Solutions
  • Network Threat Operations Analysis
  • Intelligence Operations & Mission Management
  • Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Engineering
  • Knowledge & Language Management