SIGINT Technology

Find the needle in the haystack.

Come play a vital role in our national security and help provide THE window into foreign adversaries’ capabilities, actions, and intentions. Join an elite team of SIGINT software engineers that build wicked cool systems which collect, transform, analyze and disseminate trends, events, and changing conditions to predict potential and imminent threats to U.S. National interests. Be part of the software development teams which find the needle in the haystack to stop the next 9-11 and Paris attacks.

The world is a different place than even just a few years back. New adversaries (foreign and domestic), new threats (internal and external), new approaches and techniques to harm the American people and their allies (physically, financially, and otherwise) have emerged. Our liberties and freedoms, which our forefathers fought and died for must continue to be protected. Traitors must be stopped. The public’s perception that the US Government willfully infringes upon our citizen’s civil liberties and privacies must be halted.

Become part of the Team to help prove to the world why our country is the greatest on the planet. Derive a sense of value by helping our Government leadership be resolute in protecting our citizens, while following proper policy and laws. Most importantly, come develop the software which helps ‘trust, verify, or prove’ our adversaries intentions for the safety of our citizens.

At PROTEUS we build the SIGINT software technology to collect, transform, analyze, and disseminate data which our foreign adversaries are applying against the United States. We build the systems which listen to foreign communiques, transform it into a useful and actionable form for our Military Analysts to decipher and act upon. The decision makers then use this information for deploying the proper force to rectify.

Do cool work that matters, and apply the latest enabling technologies…

SIGINT Technologies: Cloud Technologies, Data Analytics, Streaming Technologies, UI/UX, Language Processing, Protocol Processing, Workflow and Exploit technologies, and the list continues and is ever morphing!

Enabling Technologies: Java 8, C++, Python, Cloud Technologies, Map-Reduce Cloud, AngularJS, IBM InfoStreams, Storm, Apache Stack, Pig, MongoDB.

Embrace the very concept of “PROTEUS – The Greek Sea God”, and become one of us!

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