SIGINT Engineering

Today’s decision makers rely solely on the accuracy of the information received to make critical decisions to secure our Nation. Imagine the importance of receiving timely and reliable intelligence to support those decisions. Since 1999, PROTEUS has applied agile engineering principles, best practices, and open source software to provide SIGINT tools that are right on target.

A missed signal can be disastrous.
Make sure you stay in the know.

What is Signals Analysis? What is Cryptanalysis? Two extremely complex disciplines, yet without them, our Nation would not be safe or secure. Signals Analysis is the technical discipline which attempts to gain, understand, and derive intelligence from foreign signals. Cryptanalysis is the exploration of information systems to discover inherent features and aspects, and learn about the data which is processed. Both of these disciplines comprise the very fabric which keeps our Nation’s ‘intelligence’ advanced, and our people safe. Since our founding in 1999, PROTEUS has applied agile software engineering principles, best practices, and commercially available and open source software to build our Nation’s signals analysis and cryptanalytic processing software systems and tools. As recognized leaders in mathematics, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, we have developed and deployed hundreds of vitally important, mission-critical national defense systems.

With an ever increasing need for larger networks, expanding user bases and various types of systems and security protocols, the U.S. Intelligence community requires the ability to monitor and track all incoming and outgoing traffic. PROTEUS is actively participating with other global leaders in developing robust and flexible solutions that ensure that networks remain secure and provide tools to track potential security loop-holes and incoming threats.

PROTEUS builds hi-performance, scalable sensing systems that passively monitor the network to collect, process, and store host characterization data. This data can be employed in Information Assurance and Network Defense to detect vulnerabilities that exist on in the client’s network and can also be utilized to facilitate Computer Network Exploitation.

PROTEUS pioneering unique sensor development architecture is geared meet mission critical needs for an ever increasing signal volume. The distributed, fault-tolerant sensor systems are both flexible and powerful enough to be fielded in a wide spectrum of deployment scenarios, to ensure mission success – even when the unforeseen arises.

PROTEUS has been providing software and systems engineering support in the areas of collection and analysis since our inception. We are providing SIGINT analysts with the ability to perform signal reporting, analysis, and evaluation through the development of robust and platform independent software solutions. For programs that rely on large-scale commercial databases to host their data, the ability to access data quickly and efficiently is a key goal. Timely retrieval and display for real time analysis can make the difference between a good or bad decision, or worse, the inability to make any decision. PROTEUS’ High Performance Very Large Database (VLDB) solutions enable clients to leverage the power of reliable, effective and high performing database applications to ensure real-time data discovery and analysis for exponentially large applications. We have developed web-based, data-rich intuitive displays to provide the necessary search and filtering operations required for in-depth information analysis.