SIGINT Engineering

The goal of our our web-based data mining solutions is to discover lost targets by ingesting and analyzing previously overlooked data. We build tailored, custom solutions that provide continuous, accurate, and current global SIGINT network views.

A Missed Signal Can be Disasterous.
Make Sure You Stay in the Know.

Our SIGINT engineers apply agile software engineering principles with commercially available and open source software to build our signals analysis and cryptanalytic processing software systems and tools.

With an increasing need for larger networks, expanding user bases, and evolving systems and security protocols, the intelligence community requires the ability to monitor and track all incoming and outgoing traffic. We are actively working with global leaders to develop robust and flexible solutions that ensure networks remain secure and provide tools.

Our SIGINT engineers build high-performance, scalable, sensing systems that monitor networks to collect, process, and store host characterization data. This data is then used to detect vulnerabilities existing within the client’s network and to facilitate Computer Network Exploitation.

We have built a unique sensor development architecture tailored to meet mission critical needs for an ever-increasing signal volume. The distributed, fault-tolerant sensor system is both flexible and powerful enough to be fielded in a wide spectrum of deployment scenarios.

Our SIGINT Engineers have been providing software and systems engineering support in the areas of collection and analysis since our inception. We build systems which provide SIGINT analysts with the ability to perform signal reporting, analysis, and evaluation through the development of robust and platform agnostic software solutions.