PROTEUS provides innovative solutions that transcend the ordinary — achieving reliable and enduring results for clients in the Intelligence Community, Federal Executive Departments, and Commercial Industries.

National Security

As the pace of information technology transformation skyrockets, the importance of designing software solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements has never been more critical.

PROTEUS works together with its clients to determine critical needs and requirements, develop smart designs and implement solutions that fit.

Our Cyber Engineers identify threats, assess risks, and design and develop solutions for modern day cyber challenges. Our efforts focus on Computer Network Attack. We work with client organizations to identify and understand the role of CNA and its effect on their mission within cyber domains.

Our Analytic Software Engineers build innovative big data solutions making the most salient characteristics of modern communications systems come alive! We build solutions which allow for the customization of real-time intelligence reporting.

The goal of our web-based mining solutions is to discover lost targets by ingesting and analyzing previously overlooked data. We build systems which provide SIGINT Analysts with the ability to perform signal reporting, analysis, and evaluation through the development of robust and platform agnostic software solutions.

We are leading research projects in which our Applied Research Engineers are prototyping and delivering adaptable, scalable, and robust behavior modeling and event correlation solutions.