PROTEUS provides innovative solutions that transcend the ordinary — achieving reliable and enduring results for clients in the Intelligence Community, Federal Executive Departments, and Commercial Industries. The PROTEUS engineering team includes highly educated computer scientists, mathematicians and systems engineers who are experts in implementing adaptive solutions — solutions that scale.

Today's IT and Computing Challenges
As the pace of information technology transformation skyrockets, the importance of designing software solutions that meet today’s and tomorrow’s requirements has never been more critical. In order to achieve the level of informational awareness required to make strategic decisions, users and analysts must have reliable and efficient access to often overwhelmingly large data sets. An added complication arises when the data is encrypted, disparate and/or random. Additionally, with the number of sophisticated networks and critical IT assets growing, security is vitally important - yet never assured without a commitment to standards adherence and a plan for vulnerability exploitation and counter measures. PROTEUS works together with its clients to determine critical needs and requirements, develop smart designs and implement solutions that fit.
Defense agencies are partnering with companies like PROTEUS today to create smart computing and data analysis systems that not only deliver the critical information that they need now, but will also capitalize on newer technologies to adapt to emergent needs. PROTEUS has the expertise, and has developed software solutions for numerous critical information programs that successfully conquer real-time, complex computing demands. PROTEUS' solutions utilize the right frameworks, with built in flexibility and adaptability to meet future challenges. Guided by an experienced and highly technical management team, PROTEUS is employing smart technologies, and standards adherence with agile processes to lead the way in the development of sustainable solutions for the complex challenges that our clients entrust to us. By doing so, PROTEUS fosters the symbiotic relationship between defense analysts and the tools they use to do their job more effectively and efficiently.
  • Better computing asset performance through smart data access, processing & adaptability
  • Flexible implementations that easily reconfigure to meet future demands – results that scale
  • Information dominance through intuitive data representation
  • Efficient, well performing, & secure network assets
  • Standards Compliance
  • Mission Critical Support
  • Improved intelligence reports to key policy makers and military leaders